Party Bus Ft Worth FAQ

Answering some of our most common questions about party bus service

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Some Frequently Asked Questions:

During the course of our normal daily operations, our chauffeurs and client representatives get asked a very high amount of questions about our buses, our services, and what we do. We've consulted with them, and included the most often encountered queries about what we do below.

01. Is Smoking Allowed In Any Of The Vehicles?

No, we do not allow smoking in the party buses or limousines. We've found that it is more trouble than it is worth to allow for smoking in the buses for these reasons: The smoke leaves an unsavory odor in the vehicle and in the ventilation system, the smoke stains the interior over time, and cigarette burns and holes in the seats are very expensive for you to have repaired.

02. Are We Allowed To Drink Alcoholic Beverages In Your Party Buses?

Yes! As a licensed limo carrier, we are permitted to allow any passengers who are of legal ability to drink, to enjoy some adult beverages in any of our vehicles, that includes the limousines as well as the party buses.

03. How Far In Advance Should We Try To Make Our Reservation?

In short, as soon as you have the details nailed down. If you have a date, time, and amount of passengers figured out, we highly recommend booking as far in advance as possible. There's nothing worse than having to turn away a customer because they didn't call ahead early enough to reserve before the rest of our vehicles were taken. Although, we can facilitate "same day" reservations, we can only do so if there is availability!

04. Does Your Company Require Money Down In Order To Make A Reservation?

If you would like to make a reservation, there will be a requisite deposit required. The amount can vary, so you'll want to go over this with your booking agent at the time you're ready to make the plunge. The reason we do require deposits, is because when you make a reservation with Party Bus Ft Worth, we are setting aside a specific vehicle for you to enjoy. At that point, the vehicle becomes unavailable to any other client that might want to book it.

05. After We Get A Free Quote How Long Is It Valid For?

The rate you are quoted based on your given requirements is valid until it gets so close to your date we are not able to provide the vehicle or a chauffeur due to late notice, or someone else has booked the vehicle you wanted in the mean time. It's important to remember a free quote is not the same as booking or making a reservation. As highlighted above once you formally agree to a reservation and leave a down payment (or pay in full if you wish) that is when the vehicle is held for you and you alone for that time and date. If aspects of your booking change and/or the vehicle is no longer available we will work with you the best we can to make sure you are still taken care of by getting the best limousine vehicle as close to the one you selected and works based on any changes. We may be able to make it come together with as little as a few days notice, but odds are far slimer than making sure you book a week or more out from the outing. For big events you need tickets for, we highly suggest booking with us as soon as you know how many ticket holders you will have.

If you do not find the answers to your questions listed within our Frequently Asked Questions, please always feel free to call us at 817-873-3888 we will be happy to assist you!